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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


22/7/14 Straight to the backdate department and in the words of  Northern Ireland angler, Mr. Andy Wishart, my nephew Gavin caught a 5 pound grilse yesterday and I caught a 4 pound grilse today. Both on the troll, Gavin also caught a 2 pound sea trout today, and all I say to that is voi·là, and just for the record Andy was fishing in a hired out boat from Waterville Boats and at  Now we head for the Bungalow, Mr. Mike Power caught and released a 1 ½ lbs. Sea Trout on the drift, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea Wind S moderate      

Monday, July 21, 2014


21/7/14 Wind was SE with misty rain on and off all day and there was only 1 good Sea Trout recorded on the drift, that Accolade goes to Mrs Ann Curran of Dublin, who caught a fine 3 ½ lbs Sea Trout on the fly, while fishing with her Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of For the rest of the angling community, there was very little action in the wild Game fish department, going by my mobile phone.                      


20/7/14 I Start today’s notes on congratulating Irish Golf Star, Mr. Rory Mcilroy, for wining the British Open Golf Championship and may it be the first of many. Sadly there were no Gold medals won today on Irelands Premier Salmon and Sea Trout Lake, but here are some of their scores cards. In the hired out boat fly department, Mr. Martin Burns and his Son Rob, caught a fine 2 ½ lbs. Sea Trout and caught a few Juniors which were sportingly returned, Now we cut across the Lake to the North side and the Bungalow, Mr. Neil Glivan, caught 1 Sea Trout to his rod, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of Wind NW with some cloud cover and very warm.                  

Saturday, July 19, 2014


19/7/14 My Noble Anglers were as lethargic as their Noble game fish and with no wind to manipulate their flies and bright sunshine, what do you expect, miracles? well if they did I am afraid they didn't pray hard enough so here endeth the lesson.

Friday, July 18, 2014


18/7/14 Lough Currane crowns another young angler with his first Noble Salmon and that accolade goes to 13 year old German/Swiss Angler Master Paul Pipes, of Bern, Switzerland, who caught a fine 3 lbs Salmon/Grilse on the troll and finished his day off with a fine Sea Trout also caught on the troll, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of and his younger Brother Felix gave him a helping hand when it was time to take the photos, and just for the record Felix was fishing on the upper lakes on Lough Namona and helped to catch 15 Brownies on the drift, with his Mum and Dad. Now we head for the fly department, a guest fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy and of caught a fine Grilse in the 5 lbs class. Wind W light to fresh and very warm with good cloud cover at times.    

Felix and Paul

Thursday, July 17, 2014

17/7/14 Breaking News in the late shift department

Breaking News from the hired out Boat department of Straight to the Sea Trout fly Department, and here are the late results. First in the striking zone was Mr. Paul Hyland with 3 Sea trout up to 4 lbs to his fly rod, Mr. Alex Donovan caught 12 Sea trout from Junior class up to 1 ½ lbs, and last but not least, Mr. Cameron Heaton caught 1 Sea Trout to his rod, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly of

17/7/14 Lough Currane was on the humidity side and my Noble Game Fish were keeping a low profile both in the trolling and fly departments, so we will head upstream to the famous Butler Pool and of and the same couldn’t be said there, with 2 Grilse caught on the fly by Mr. Donal Eustace of Kilkenny, and as always guided by the one and only, the King of the river on the Waterville system Mr. Junior Scully. Wind South and light with good cloud cover. Tonight we have thunder and lightening and what ever tomorrow will bring? More News I hope ?  


16/7/14 Today’s facts are as follows, in the Salmon department, Mr. Michael Clifford of the UK and Waterville, caught a fine Grilse on the troll in  the 3 lbs. class, while fishing with his gillie M.D. Now we cut across to the south side and the Table Rock, in the Sea Trout department, UK angler Mr. Pete Maxi caught a fine 5 ¾ lbs Sea Trout on the drift and in Pete’s backdate department Pete and his good friend caught 3 Sea Trout from Junior class up to 3 lbs. yesterday. Now for the wise crack of the day and that goes to Horatio Lord Aloysius Dominic McGillicuddy, and what did you catch today I Text, he replied A BLANK. Wind light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover at times. Now to all you anglers and none anglers alike, this will be of interest. From Lucy Hunt, New Marine Interpretive Centre in Waterville -Sea Synergy Marine Awareness and Activity Centre and of and  I would like to let you know about my new project that I will be opening next week! I shall be opening a marine interpretive centre in Waterville,on the 23/7/14 at 3 pm.  which will have exhibits on marine biodiversity of Ireland and marine conservation. The aim of the centre is to raise awareness of the fantastic marine life that we have here on the SW coast of Ireland and to promote the area as an area of excellence for marine activities! Therefore I would like to promote your businesses in the centre should anyone want to avail of your activities when they visit the locality.
or give me a call on 0877850929 if you would like more information. If you know of any other marine activity businesses, that are not listed here please forward it on. I look forward to hearing from you and promoting your business through the Sea Synergy centre in the near future.